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If you like learning about organizing as much as I do, you will want to take this course and try these these products...

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You Have Arrived! Organizing and Style experts teach DIY wardrobe and closet transformation

An on demand course, teaching personal styling and luxury closet organization to women ready to level up their wardrobe.

A personal stylist and professional organizer make an amazingly complementary duo. The partnership of these two creative minds will elevate and transform your look and space, bringing you endless confidence to conquer any goal. 

Lisa Malone and Batul Sadiq, organizing and style experts, teaching wardrobe and closet transformation
Favorite Products
Organizing tip: file folding and story items in a basket or bin

Favorite Products


Standardizing with slim hangers makes your closet look great, but also creates more space. Here are three types I use:

Purse Storage

Creating a purse display is so fun! You will feel like you own a boutique if you use these products to showcase your collection:

Shoe Storage

Shoes can be a challenge if you have non-adjustable shelves or too many shoes. Here's how I maximize space:

Hangers make a closet because they reduce the visual noise
Storing shoes, shoe walls, shoe organizers, shoe shelves
purse storage, purse hangers, mdesign, purse hooks
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