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About Me.

My retirement in November 2019 from a 20+-year career in technology sales, most notably for 14 years at Microsoft, was well timed. I developed what would end up as "career 2.0" during the pandemic. I found a huge need to help family and friends get organized and create new systems to regain control of their home. Parents and kids remote working and learning under one roof created chaos.


Professional organizing unleashed a passion I never knew I had. I always enjoyed working, but this level of  satisfaction was nothing I experienced before. I leveraged my strengths in project management and aptitude for organizing and logistics to attract a fan base that quickly evolved into a thriving business.


Over the last year in business I realized how fulfilling it is to help clients look and feel like they are ready to conquer the world, especially women. Many clients were struggling with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, I evolved my business into a niche market of luxury closet organizing and wardrobe transformation. What you wear has an impact on how you feel when you walk out the door. I realized I found my calling. 


Published Author & Speaker 

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Code of Ethics


Given the sensitive nature of the work I do and the high level of trust it requires my clients to place in me, you can be assured of absolute privacy when working with me. I adhere strictly to a Code of Ethics which emphasizes confidentiality, honesty, and integrity. In addition, I will get your written permission to publicly post any before and after pictures of your project and will not tag you in any marketing messaging.


I strive to achieve a 100% client satisfaction level.  I will use my personal best efforts to understand your individual situation and suggest organizing strategies to help you make the changes you want.  I encourage you, if, at any time, you feel I am not meeting your reasonable expectations to promptly let me know of your concern.


When a client books an appointment with me, that time is reserved exclusively for them. If, for some reason -- other than a true emergency -- you need to cancel appointments, please give at least 24-hours advance written notice so that others may take advantage of the available time. 

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