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Process, Pricing & Services

Getting organized is a form of self care. Your environment and wardrobe affects your mental health and confidence. In true concierge and done-for-you style, I create an oasis for you and your family. Luxury home organizing create spaces tailored for your life. Your home will be reflective of where see yourself, not where you have been. Share your vision and I will exceed your wildest expectations.

Process & Pricing



Luxury Closet - Boutique Results

Packages start at $2,570

Luxury closet organizing at its finest! We will help you level up your wardrobe AND closet. A personal stylist will help you edit your closet and breathe new life into your wardrobe. She will guide you to keep items that flatter your figure and coloring. She will suggest pairings of clothes you already own to create outfits for any occasion. You will also receive a done-for- you, shoppable list of items at your preferred price point to supplement and complement your existing wardrobe.


As you complete your edit with the stylist, I will create luxury closet systems for your shoes, accessories and clothing so you can shop your own closet as if you were enjoying a high-end boutique. 


Get a free in-home consultation.


Special Projects

Each session is $400

While we slay at creating luxury boutique closets, we also take on special projects. Share your vision with us and will will work our magic with our concierge-style organizing sessions: 

Professional Organizing “Sessions” are defined as a four (4) hour continuous block of time. We provide hands-on decluttering and organizing, with one or more trained professional organizers.  


Get a free in-home consultation.


Luxury Closet -
Function Over Fashion

Packages start at $1,200


This professional organizing approach for your closet is less about bling and more about budget. While still creating a personal boutique so you can shop your own closet, I will walk you through the purge process. While this part of the project feels overwhelming, I make it quick and painless by joining in, making purge recommendations, and keeping you focused. 

Once your clothing edit is complete, I turn your crowded, disheveled closet into a beautiful, functional oasis that will exceed your expectations. 


Get a free in-home consultation.


Ongoing Maintenance

Plans starting at $150. 

Existing clients are eligible to schedule reset and refresh sessions, ideal for busy working professionals or busy families. Quarterly maintenance subscriptions or on-demand maintenance is available.

Popular uses:

  • Seasonal wardrobe management

  • Holiday, special event or overnight visitor prep

  • Lifestyle changes such as wardrobe, hobbies or routines

  • Home renovation prep and reset

  • Reclaiming an empty nest


Product Shopping

$200 Flat Fee +

$500 Product Pre-Payment

Products are not included with the service plan. Clients are responsible for paying for all agreed-upon products (hangers, storage bins/baskets, shelving, etc.) necessary for the completion of the project.


I will purchase the supplies and manage returns for you at a flat fee. Pre-payment will be collected for product purchases. You will only pay for products used and any unused funds will be credited to you.​

To help you create a project budget, I will send you a sample budget with products and pricing.



$75/hour or Project-Based (TBD)


If your project requires assembly or installation of products, a handyman or third party vendor will be brought in.

Clients have utilized these services to:

  • hang curtains, art, shelves

  • install slat walls and track systems

  • fix broken drawers and closet doors

  • install new or shorten existing closet doors

Basically, we can fix anything that has been on your to-do list for far too long. 

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