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While inviting an outsider into your personal space can feel intimidating, using a professional organizer is no different than using a cleaning company. We both provide services that lift the burden of an often overwhelming task. These FAQs will provide insight into the process to help remove any hesitation you may have to reach out for a free consultation. 

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How much will professional organizing cost?

This is the hardest question to answer because it all depends on the size of the space and the amount of stuff it contains. It is why I only provide estimates...I never know, until I am elbow deep, what I will uncover that will make it more or less time consuming. I like to estimate on the high end and finish more quickly than vice versa.


You only pay for the sessions used (pre and post planning and project management are wrapped into the session price), not the sessions estimated. It all boils down to time so if you want to pay less, involve family or friends. I had a client who was a family of six (two adults and four teens). We tackled one large, complicated space in once session. Seven humans x four hours = 28 human power hours, but they only paid for one session of time. WIN/WIN


What is your process?

The professional organizing process follows a standard formula with EVERY project -- empty the space, purge (via trash and donations), relocate items that should be stored elsewhere, sort remaining items in groups, design an organizational management system, contain each group where appropriate, and label the areas or containers so items can be easily found and returned. 

Depending on the quantity of items crammed into the space, you may have to purge up to 50-60% to end up with a livable, manageable, calm oasis. If you started hyperventilating at the thought of getting rid of that much stuff (aka THE PURGE), do not panic! Statistics show people use (or wear) only 20% of items they own, 80% of the time. 

Your work is done after the purge. From there, I will sort, design, contain and label, leaving you with amazing results. If your project is large or additional services are needed, additional members of the team will be engaged. 


What if my house is the worst you have seen?

Most of my clients believe their house will be the worst I have ever seen and many also think of themselves as hoarders. Trust me...if you are a true hoarder you are not aware you have become one.  I have never met a space that was truly awful. Even the most cluttered spaces simply need a deep purge and professionally designed, maintainable system. 


Will my friends find out? 

If you are embarrassed by the state of your space, fear not! Working with me is not only a safe, non-judgement zone, everything is confidential. I have a lot of clients who start off being nervous that they will be "found out", but when I am finished, they are marching friends and family into their closets and dresser drawers to showcase the beauty. I get most of my business from referrals, if that also helps you feel confident that your fears will be short lived. 


Do I have to help?

I cannot start without your help. Purging is the most critical part of the process and only you can make those decisions. Even if you have a lot of space, feel you don't need to purge, and only need systems in place, I need to learn more about how you function in the space. I also get my inspiration from you. It's fun to watch a client light up when they talk about their space. It's how I know what to highlight when I am showcasing and styling items and areas. 


Do you work evenings and weekends?

On a rare occasion I work evenings and Saturdays. 


What if I have a looming deadline?

I do the best I can to accommodate timelines. The sooner you reach out, the better.  I book 3-4 weeks out. To expedite a project, I bring in other team members. If the scheduling simply doesn't match up, I will refer you to another area organizer. I have a great local network!


Do you work alone or with others?

I usually work alone but have a team of folks to pull from, based on your project needs. My team includes: additional organizers, a stylist who can help with clothing edits, a handyman for product assembly and installations, and closet concierge staff to make swapping out hangers and folding mounds of clothing move more quickly at a lower hourly rate. 


Are bins, baskets and hangers included?

Products are an additional cost. Clients are responsible for paying for all agreed-upon products necessary for the completion of the project. Once we agree on the product list and pricing, either you can order the products direct or I can do the shopping for you at an additional fee.  Either way, you only pay for the products you use.


What if we cannot maintain the system?

The system I design will be easy to maintain. The system will also make tidying a breeze. Dedicating ten minutes on a regular basis, it is a maintainable process. If you need help, I offer quarterly maintenance packages to existing customers.

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