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  • Closets, Closets, Closets

    This year brought me lots of closet projects and I couldn't have been more excited to glam up everyone's spaces. But my clients are not the only people faced with challenges when it comes to their closet. I know you do too. The biggest issue is that closets have doors and when the door is closed it's easy to ignore. Out of sight, out of mind. As a closet becomes overstuffed, it becomes harder and harder to reclaim the space. As with any organization project, the best first step is to empty it out. Completely. Odds are you have a lot more in your closet than clothes, shoes and accessories. I have seen sports equipment, tools, forgotten holiday gifts (that were stashed but never delivered), sooo much luggage, kids toys, etc. Those items need to find a new home where it makes sense (garage, playroom, basement) or donate them. Until you empty out the closet, it will not look like there is much space to work with. Only when it is empty will you see the potential and boundaries. The next step is to sort through all the clothes to get rid of what you don't wear and figure out what stays. It is important not to rush this step. You have been harboring clothes from the '80s and '90s. If you didn't look good in the then you definitely will not now. Pitch them. My husband was hanging on to work shirts with collars that were so starched they made his neck bleed. It took some major coddling and cajoling, but I finally got him to donate those shirts that he abandoned for years. (Bless the poor human whose neck is now bleeding because of my husband's donation efforts.) When you are down to the clothes that fit and flatter, it is time to pick a standardized slim hanger (if you are going to do all this work, it may as well look amazing and better fit the space). Hang them in categories that make it easier for you to find clothes and create outfits. Usually I group by major category: jackets shirts pants dresses Then by subcategory: shirts are subdivided by sleeve length dresses by sleeve length, season or occasion (casual, formal) The goal is to: easily find and replace items (read: put away laundry more quickly) reduce decision fatigue stop buying duplicates because you forgot what you owned shop your own closet Organizing spaces is emotionally and physically exhausting but it is so worth the effort. You deserve a space that is reflective of where you are going, not where you have been. Reclaim your closet and you will be surprised how much lighter and energetic you feel when you start your day.

  • Closet Design Starts with Inspiration

    Everyone needs inspiration and this gorgeous pantry inspired my client to make a change. Vision is an important first step to start a design plan. If you struggle with a vision but know what you don't want, that helps too. In this picture my client pointed out she liked the open shelves, use of space and combo of natural and black colored bins. After years of using mobile shelving for her pantry, my client was ready for a change and this bright white, open shelf pantry got her motivated. In her current pantry, the shelves were too deep causing her and her family to "lose items". How do you lose items that are sitting at arms length? They were out of sight and there wasn't a good system in place to keep items visible. The most important goal of the new pantry was to store all small appliances and Tupperware in a closed cabinet. This allows easy access but it isn't visible in the pantry. My client fell in love with a piece from Wayfair so we are making it our focal point and building the shelves around it. We also painted the walls with a fresh coat of bright white paint. The pale yellow color is pretty in an office or bedroom, but it makes a pantry feel less inviting. The light bulbs in the ceiling fixture were also changed out to a bright white from a warm white. The ceiling is high so it is easier to find what you are looking for and brightens the small room. The next goal of the custom build was to increase the storage capacity on the shelves while providing the most surface space for access. We are using 14 inch shelves on the side walls and 16 inch shelves on the back wall. These shelf depths also created more space in the center of pantry, compared to the cramped area the had with the shelving units. After pulling out the shelving units and getting the storage cabinet delivered, we started designing the shelving layout around the cabinet, water cooler, outlets and recycling bin that the family relied on to manage empty boxes. With the design complete, we were ready to order the shelves and brackets. A trip to the Container Store was also a fun next step. We knew the surface area but wanted to try some different combinations to make sure to cover all types of food management systems for cans, boxes, decanted items, etc. My first challenge was getting the shelves and brackets delivered. This project launched just before the holidays and the pandemic and billions of holiday deliveries were messing with my pantry materials. The Container Store experienced equal issues. The shelves were bare and the staff didn't have time to restock before all the product was gone again. I ended up having to place my order in store and had to wait a week for the baskets. They were in the store, but had to be sorted and prepared for curbside pick up. (I was learning patience the hard way.) The good news is that the shelves were going up while I was waiting on the baskets and bins. It was exciting to watch it come together. To add to the excitement, I found some great jars at the Family Dollar and tested out some bins, baskets, and turntables to start playing around with the layout. A few weeks later, the project is complete! It turned out 1000 times better than I had expected. Needless to say, the client was thrilled. Who knew a pantry could inspire so much awe?! The pantry is stocked and there's room for growth. The top shelf manages the back stock and the baskets on the floor manage items that don't need to be mixed with the food such as dog treats and extra cleaning supplies. All the bins are designed to keep the pantry looking tidy while being easy to manage. #Pantry #rainbowjellybeans #jellybellycandyco #thecontainerstore #wayfair #homegoods #FamilyDollar #idesign #idlivesimply #lisamaloneproorganizer

  • It Always Starts With The PURGE!

    The professional organizing process follows a standard formula with EVERY project. No matter what room or area, the key to success is the same -- empty the space, purge (via trash and donations) or rehome items not meant for the space, sort remaining items in groups, contain each group where appropriate, and label the areas or containers so items can be easily found and returned. The critical part of this process is purging. Why? Because the biggest problem in any cluttered space is that it has too much stuff in it. Depending on how many items you have crammed into the space, you may have to purge up to 50-60% to end up with a livable, manageable, calm area. If you started hyperventilating at the thought of purging over 50% of your clutter, do not panic! Statistics show 80% of the time, people use (or wear) only 20% of items they own. You determine what is designated for the trash, donation, or relocation to a different area of your home but it doesn't need to cause analysis paralysis. To get items moving out the door, ask yourself these questions: Did I remember I owned it? If not, move it out. This isn't the time for rediscovering treasures. Have I used it in a year? If not, move it out. Holding on to "what if" items (read: what if I need it one day?) will keep you in a forever state of clutter. Did I buy more than 2 of the same thing because I couldn't find the original? Keep one, move the rest out. Your local community-in-need will benefit from your over purchasing. Is it broken? If yes, Move it out. If you haven't fixed it yet, it isn't going to happen and adding duct tape never made anything look better. Not ever. Note: Goodwill doesn't want your broken items. Please put it in the trash or recycle bin. The hardest work is done once you know what will remain in the designated area. From there, comes the fun part...sorting, containing and labeling which will leave you with amazing results. But for now, let's just focus on the purge. Bring in outside help, if you have a hard time getting started. An outsider has no emotional connection with your stuff. They will help you stay focused, guide you on decision making and can either haul off your stuff or coordinate a donation and trash pick up. They will also guide and teach you along the way to make you self-sufficient. Sometimes all it may take is one or two days working with a professional. From there, you will be motivated to tackle additional projects on your own. I know you can do it!! A junk drawer is the perfect place to start.

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  • About | Lisa Malone Professional Organizer | Howard and Montgomery County MD

    About Me. My retirement in November 2019 from a 20+-year career in technology sales, most notably for 14 years at Microsoft, was well timed. I developed what would end up as "career 2.0" during the pandemic. I found a huge need to help family and friends get organized and create new systems to regain control of their home. Parents and kids remote working and learning under one roof created chaos. Professional organizing unleashed a passion I never knew I had. I always enjoyed working, but this level of satisfaction was nothing I experienced before. I leveraged my strengths in project management and aptitude for organizing and logistics to attract a fan base that quickly evolved into a thriving business. Over the last year in business I realized how fulfilling it is to help clients look and feel like they are ready to conquer the world, especially women. Many clients were struggling with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, I evolved my business into a niche market of luxury closet organizing and wardrobe transformation. What you wear has an impact on how you feel when you walk out the door. I realized I found my calling. Let's Connect! Published Author & Speaker (Click on Image to Listen or Read) Code of Ethics Confidentiality Given the sensitive nature of the work I do and the high level of trust it requires my clients to place in me, you can be assured of absolute privacy when working with me. I adhere strictly to a Code of Ethics which emphasizes confidentiality, honesty, and integrity. In addition, I will get your written permission to publicly post any before and after pictures of your project and will not tag you in any marketing messaging. Professionalism I strive to achieve a 100% client satisfaction level. I will use my personal best efforts to understand your individual situation and suggest organizing strategies to help you make the changes you want. I encourage you, if, at any time, you feel I am not meeting your reasonable expectations to promptly let me know of your concern. Scheduling When a client books an appointment with me, that time is reserved exclusively for them. If, for some reason -- other than a true emergency -- you need to cancel appointments, please give at least 24-hours advance written notice so that others may take advantage of the available time.

  • 404 | LM Pro Organizer

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  • Organizing Services | Lisa Malone Professional Organizer | Howard and Montgomery County MD

    Process, Pricing & Services Getting organized is a form of self care. Your environment and wardrobe affects your mental health and confidence. In true concierge and done-for-you style, I create an oasis for you and your family. Luxury home organizing create spaces tailored for your life. Your home will be reflective of where see yourself, not where you have been. Share your vision and I will exceed your wildest expectations. Process The professional organizing process follows a standard formula with EVERY project -- it begins by emptying the space to be able to: purge (via trash and donations) relocate items not meant to stay sort remaining items in groups design an organizational management system contain each group where appropriate label so items can be easily found and returned The critical part of this process is YOU. Why? Because you determine what is designated for trash, donation, relocation and what stays. Don't may have to purge or move up to 50-60% to end up with a livable, manageable, calm oasis. You use 20% of your possessions 80% of the time. Once we know the items that will remain in the space, we create maintainable, done-for-you systems. The FAQs page will answer your questions on the process. For a personal experience, submit a request for a quote. You will be prompted to set up a discovery call with me to get additional questions answered. Pricing Walk & Talk: $150. A 60-75 minute in-home consultation that provides you with a step-by-step video guide specific to your space (includes up to 3 spaces in your home). If DIY isn't your things, this fee can be applied to any service package or session below. To schedule, fill out the get a quote form. Online DIY Course: Visit to learn how to transform both your wardrobe and your closet into a boutique, shoppable space filled with clothes that fit and flatter. Special Projects * $400 per session. Fill out this form to share your vision and get an estimate of the sessions needed. Learn more .​ Luxury Closet Organization * Boutique Results - Packages start at $2,570. We help you level up your wardrobe AND closet. Learn more . Function Over Fashion - Packages start at $1,200. This approach is less about bling and more about budget. Learn more .​ ​ ​ * Your fee includes the associated time spent outside your home designing layouts and organizing solutions, arranging appointments with other service providers, and scheduling/coordinating 3rd party hauling trash or donation items after your session. Basic supplies are provided and we include customized labels to polish off your organized space and maintain your system. Services Walk & Talk Consultation $150 Flat Fee ​ I enjoy the creative part of organizing and want everyone to know how they can create beautiful spaces in their home. If you are looking for guidance on how to get started, the Walk & Talk consultation is a perfect. I take you on a walking tour of 2-3 preferred spaces in your home and deliver step-by-step guidance on what and how to purge; make recommendations on how to sort and categorize items; and, design your space(s) to create systems that work. The consultation is video taped so you can reference it, providing an easy DIY plan to implement yourself. ​ If you decide you need organizing help, your consultation fee can be applied to any additional organizing package or session. ​ Let's get you started! Special Projects Each session is $400 ​ While we slay at creating luxury boutique closets, we also take on special projects. Share your vision with us and we will work our magic with our concierge-style organizing sessions: ​ Professional Organizing “Sessions” are defined as a four (4) hour continuous block of time. We provide hands-on decluttering and organizing, with a trained professional organizer. We can add additional organizers if you have a looming deadline or prefer your project to go more quickly. Start with a consultation. Luxury Closet - Function Over Fashion Packages start at $1,200 This professional organizing approach for your closet is less about bling and more about budget. While still creating a personal boutique so you can shop your own closet, I will walk you through the purge process. While this part of the project feels overwhelming, I make it quick and painless by joining in, making purge recommendations, and keeping you focused. ​ Once your clothing edit is complete, I turn your crowded, disheveled closet into a beautiful, functional oasis that will exceed your expectations. Start with a consultation. Quarterly Maintenance or Monthly Tidy Services Plans starting at $150. ​ Existing clients are eligible to schedule reset and refresh sessions, ideal for busy working professionals or busy families. Quarterly maintenance subscriptions or on-demand maintenance is available. ​ Popular uses: Picking up prior to the arrival of a cleaning team Seasonal wardrobe management Holiday, special event or overnight visitor prep Lifestyle changes such as wardrobe, hobbies or routines Home renovation prep and reset Reclaiming an empty nest ​ Become an existing client. Luxury Closet - Boutique Results Packages start at $2,570 ​ Luxury closet organizing at its finest! We will help you level up your wardrobe AND closet. A personal stylist will help you edit your closet and breathe new life into your wardrobe. She will guide you to keep items that flatter your figure and coloring. She will suggest pairings of clothes you already own to create outfits for any occasion. You will also receive a done-for- you, shoppable list of items at your preferred price point to supplement and complement your existing wardrobe. As you complete your edit with the stylist, I will create luxury closet systems for your shoes, accessories and clothing so you can shop your own closet as if you were enjoying a high-end boutique. Start with a consultation. Handy-Man & Interior Painter $75/hour or Project-Based (TBD) If your project requires assembly, installation of products, and/or wall paint transformation, a handyman or third party vendor will be brought in. ​ Clients have utilized these services to: hang curtains, art, shelves install slat walls and track systems fix broken drawers and closet doors install new or shorten existing closet doors transform wall color ​ I need help with my to-do list.

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