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Process & Pricing



The professional organizing process follows a standard formula with EVERY project. No matter what room or area, the key to success is the same -- empty the space, purge (via trash and donations) or rehome items not meant to stay, sort remaining items in groups, design an organizational management system, contain each group where appropriate, and label the areas or containers so items can be easily found and returned. 


The critical part of this process is YOU. Why? Because you determine what is designated for the trash, donation, relocation (another area of your home) and what stays. Depending on how many items are crammed into the space, you may have to purge up to 50-60% to end up with a livable, manageable, calm oasis that will be your new living space.


If you started hyperventilating at the thought of getting rid of that much stuff (aka THE PURGE), do not panic! Statistics show people use (or wear) only 20% of items they own, 80% of the time. While this part of the project feels impossible, I can make it quick and painless by joining in, making purge recommendations, and keeping you focused.


Your work is done once I know what will remain in the designated area. From there, I will sort, design, contain and label, leaving you with amazing results. 

In summary:

  • You & Me – Purge

  • All Me – Sort, Design, Contain, Label


I will also guide and teach you along the way because my goal is to make you self-sufficient. Sometimes all it may take is one session or a family workshop/kick-off to get you out of the gate. From there, you will be motivated to tackle additional projects on your own.


​If your project area is large, I will recommend and bring more of my team along. (See pricing and descriptions below.)




Consultation: Free

A 30-60 minute in-home consultation is available, at no cost, to discuss your project needs and start brainstorming solutions. 


Hourly Rate: $125/hour
Hourly rates are available upon request with a 2-hour minimum purchase required.


Family Workshop / Get Started Session: $300

This plan is designed to get you out of the gate because sometimes the hardest part is getting started. I will work alongside the family lead or the whole family to start any project in your house. We will dedicate three (3) hours where we roll up our sleeves and work while I provide direction, training and a plan of action for next steps after I leave.


To assist you in your family's efforts, custom room-by-room plans can be created for an additional fee which will include recommended layouts and links to organizer/storage products based on the measurements of your home. The plan can include regular calls or FaceTime touch points to keep the “home team” on plan and accountable based on your goals and timeline.  


General Organizing Session: $400

 “Sessions” are defined as a four (4) hour continuous block of time of hands-on decluttering and organizing hours with our team of trained professional organizers.  The fee for a Session also includes the associated time spent outside your home designing layouts and organizing solutions, all communication with you by phone or email, arranging appointments with other service providers, arranging for sale of items through consignment or online methods, and scheduling/coordinating 3rd party hauling trash or donation items after your session. Basic supplies (trash bags, Ziploc bags, cleaning supplies, etc.) are provided and we include custom labels to polish off your organized space and maintain your system at no additional fee.


Packages purchased in multiples of four are discounted at 15% savings. If your project requires more than 16 hours of work (four sessions), the 15% discount will be applied to any additional sessions regardless of the quantity.


Package rates: All packages must be paid in full in advance and are non-refundable except under terms outlined in the agreement you sign with Lisa Malone. Sessions must be scheduled in advance. There is no fee for a rescheduled Session provided the client gives prior advance written notice as described in the “Cancellations” section of our agreement.


Additional Organizers: $75/hour per additional organizer

Additional organizers are added if you have a larger project or any situation that requires moving heavy boxes/furniture, extensive sorting (i.e. toys, crafts, tools), or an urgent deadline.

Handy-Man: $75/hour

If your project requires assembly or installation of products (i.e. hanging doors, fixing broken furniture, hanging pictures and mirrors, building shelving and furniture), 1-2 workers will be brought in for these requirements depending on the project size.