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luxury closet organizing, wardrobe transformation, best closet organizing

It's not just a closet.
It's the next step in your personal growth.

Luxury Closet Organizing &
Wardrobe Transformation

Custom Closet Professionally Organized

Custom Closet Design

wardrobe transformation with a personal stylist to curate a killer wardrobe

Wardrobe Transformation

Custom closets and custom spaces are possible in your home when you use a professional organizer.

Special Projects

Lisa Malone Luxury Closet Organizer


Hi, I'm Lisa

To put it simply, I help women with a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear, transform their closet and wardrobe. How? I channeled my passion for living in organized spaces into a luxury, concierge-style organizing business, specializing in luxury closet organizing.


From the planning to the execution phase, my goal is to deliver creative, boutique-level solutions, creating eye-catching closet organization systems that are easy to maintain. Instead of starting each day overwhelmed and exhausted, working with me will have you stepping out into the world looking and feeling like you have arrived!



Holy moly, Lisa does beautiful work! I can't get over it. I have a space I want to go to, not lock the door on. Amazing! Spectacular! So grateful!!


Hiring Lisa was the best money I ever spent. I love all Lisa's creative designs and systems. I finally have my dream home!
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